In this sense, scientific efforts are made in all societies, firstly, to foster and increase awareness, and secondly, to operationalize knowledge, and in the meantime, to enrich general knowledge. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to realize that those having general knowledge are endowed with a deep understanding of sociocultural issues can better recognize social world problems and harms, and even strive to find solutions. Accordingly, by putting their guidance into practice, which is to abandon some habits and behavioral characteristics, health can go back to normal. It is noteworthy that each nation has its own certain culture, customs, and rituals. So, family gatherings, religious ceremonies, public holidays and national celebrations, new behaviors during public transport, etc. are among cases demanding much more consideration in this respect.

Prof. PhD. Farshid Hadi, Islamic Azad University, Iran
Prof. PhD. Natalya B. Kudryavtseva, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia

January, 2021.

Publicado: 2021-03-11