This study aims to examine candidate teachers’ views about integrating natural museums into education. A qualitative method was used in this research, and both male and female candidate teachers’ views were evaluated and compared through content analysis. Pre-school teachers’ (n=30) views on the subject matter were specified through semi-structured interview forms. At the end of the research, there were differences and similarities in views about some themes in terms of gender. According to these results, while female teachers exhibited positive views about natural museums and nature and environmental awareness, male teachers stated that they knew a little about this issue. Meanwhile, both sexes came up with similar views about integrating natural museums into education, raise students’ awareness of an interest in and sensitivity towards nature and provide visuals of natural events in natural museums.

Biografia do Autor

Didem Islek , Atatürk Faculty of Education

Atatürk Faculty of Education, Division of Curriculum and Instruction, Near East University

Nicosia, North Cyprus, Via Mersin 10, Turkey. 


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