Palavras-chave: E-Commerce and Marketing; Entrepreneurship; Economic Growth; Kingdom's Economic Vision 2030.


E-commerce and marketing are among the most important developments that revived trade and the local market and served as a key catalyst for entrepreneurs in the renaissance of their small and medium-sized enterprises. The objective of this article is to evaluate the relationship between the trend towards e-commerce and the development of entrepreneurial projects in accordance with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. By defining entrepreneurship in the light of global economic developments and how it affects economic growth and knowledge of the relationship between formal and informal institutions in influencing entrepreneurship, the research used the descriptive analytical approach by applying a questionnaire made up of 3 axes on 60 singles of young entrepreneurs in university entrepreneurship centers. The main findings of this article assure that E-commerce represent an important tool for developing entrepreneurial projects and that E-commerce is indispensable for achieving entrepreneurial projects and trade. However, the success of this sector in accomplishing their intended function – according to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 – still depends on the consumers’ consciousness, their trust in e-commerce, in the logistic system and payments, and the infrastrucuture of communication throughout the growth of POS devices in several payment points.   

Biografia do Autor

Abdulnaser S.H. Al-Msloum, University of Jeddah

PhD in Knowledge Management, Associated professor of the Department of Management Information System University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 


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