• Hossein Miri Islamic Azad University
  • Mohammad Ghasemi Islamic Azad University
Palavras-chave: Smuggling. Starting crime. Crime. Smuggling goods and currency. Prevention.


The phenomenon of smuggling and the beginning of its crime, as a crime, has political, social and economic problems in different countries and in Iran. With the advent of large civilizations in the world, which was the result of the boom in business and trade, the phenomenon of smuggling was also found in the East, and specifically in the Middle East. The crime of smuggling and starting a crime involves a variety of dimensions and in different fields and the governments and people of the country are faced with many problems. For this reason, the purpose of this study is to investigate the causes of the crime of smuggling and starting it. The research method of this paper is descriptive and analytical. Smuggling is a huge benefit to some people and smugglers but there are irreparable damage and losses for the people, one of these problems is the loss of domestic production and the loss of a large number of workers and the closure of many factories. Knowing the causes and smuggling of crime can help prevent this crime and start offending it and reduce the volume of smuggling. There are definitely solutions to prevent and reduce crime.

Biografia do Autor

Hossein Miri, Islamic Azad University

Assistant Professor, Deapartment of Law, Gonbad Kavoos Branch, Islamic Azad University, Gonbad Kavoos, Iran.

Mohammad Ghasemi, Islamic Azad University

MA Criminal Justice and Criminology, Gonbad Kavoos Branch, Islamic Azad University, Gonbad Kavoos, Iran.



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