• Ali Esmaeilzadeh Kavaki Islâmica Azad University
  • Katayoon Alizadeh Islamic Azad University


Urban environments consistent with children’s nature would have a major share in their social and personal maturity. Child Friendly City (CFC) is a city, in which children have clean water and sanitary facilities beside possibility to express their opinions. In such a city, children can participate in the urban plans. This study seeks to compare and contrast different areas of Quchan including Yaghoub Abad, the Farhangian and Davoodi. These areas are going to be analyzed based on the desirable indicators of a child-friendly city comprising: public spaces urban furniture, transportation and traffic, social-cultural parameters. The present descriptive-analytical study is based on library research, surveys and interviews, using SPSS software. A decision model (TOPSIS), was also used for evaluating and ranking studied regions.   On the aspect of urban furniture, the results showed that between the studied areas, Yaghoub Abad district had a more favorable condition with a degree of 2.98 in comparison with the Farhangian which received a degree of 2.92 and Davoodi that had a 2.85 degree. . On the aspect of urban traffic, the Farhangiyan area with a 3.15 degree had better situation than Davoodi with a degree of 2.88, which showed the lowest level of the three studied areas. Yaghoub Abad also had a degree of 2.99 which occupied a moderate position among these three areas. . By using TOPSIS model, it was determined that the current situation of child-friendly city in Davoodi had unfavorable conditions with priority coefficient (0£ 0.271£ 1), and Yacobabad with a coefficient of (0£ 0.375£ 1) is somewhat favorable and the Farhangiyan had relatively more favorable conditions with coefficient priority of (0£ 0.668£ 1).

Biografia do Autor

Ali Esmaeilzadeh Kavaki, Islâmica Azad University

Ph.D Candidate of Geography and Urban Planning, Mashhad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Iran.


Katayoon Alizadeh, Islamic Azad University

Department of Geography Mashhad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Iran.