• Omid Reza Peyghambari Tehran University


The tree of life is one of the few common symbols of mythological and religious beliefs in the world, whose signs can be observed in the ancient Mesopotamian thought and other ancient civilizations around the world. Later, under the title of Sephirot, it has been reflected as the most pivotal discussion in the mystical literature of the Jews. In this study, the archetype of the tree of life in the mystical literature of Islam has been investigated with the Quranic terms, such as Tuba tree, Sidrat al-Muntaha (Sidra tree), Shajarat al-Mubaraka al-Zaytun (the blessed olive tree), and also with the title of Shajarat al-Kawn (tree of existence) in Sufi texts from the cosmic perspective and titles like seven facetiae in the human dimension.

Biografia do Autor

Omid Reza Peyghambari, Tehran University

Master in Theology of religions Mysticism Adaptive, Tehran University, Iran.


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