• Olavo da Costa Leite
  • Saulo de Oliveira Lima
  • Lawrence Nóbrega de Oliveira
  • Rodrigo José da Silva
  • Gilson Araújo de Freitas
  • Osvaldo José Ferreira Júnior UFT - Universidade Federal do Tocantins
  • Allan Deyvid Pereira da Silva
Palavras-chave: Hydrography, morphometry, watershed, mapping


The aim of this study was to carry out a superficial characterization on part of the watershed of Muricizal river, in Tocantins, from estimates based on given climatic and morphometric parameters. The river basin studied here comprises an area from the monitoring station of River Muricizal, at Muricilândia pluviometric station in Tocantins state code ANA 28150000 (- 7°08’43’’ and – 48°36’37’’, altitude 193m). The pluviometric stations were: code 748002, municipality of Nova Olinda - TO, 748003 municipality of Muricilândia – TO, and code 749000 municipality of Arapoema - TO. The basin under study covers the municipalities of Muricilândia - TO (11.0%), Santa Fe do Araguaia - TO (6.0%), Araguaína - TO (70.3%) and Nova Olinda - TO (12.7%). The watershed is divided into two sub - basins, comprising the total sub - basin area of River Rio Preto (69,978.73 hectares) and part of the sub basin of Muricizal river (86.847.32 hectares), comprising a total drainage area of 1,568.26 km2. The analysis of the physiographic data is necessary, since it allows morphometric understanding about the area, such as land cover, land use, rainfall data, which is important to minimize impacts that can be caused.

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Leite, O. da C., Lima, S. de O., Oliveira, L. N. de, da Silva, R. J., de Freitas, G. A., Júnior, O. J. F., & da Silva, A. D. P. (2019). MORPHOMETRIC CHARACTERIZATION OF PART OF MURICIZAL RIVER WATERSHED - TOCANTINS, BRAZIL. AGRI-ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES, 5.